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Chromium-plated steel frames

LC2 sofa structure

To create a perfect frame for the LC2 armchair, it is not possible to simply bend the corners of the frame as the required curves are too tight and the steel tube would crack.

Detail of the bend

The tubes are partially bent by pneumatichal machine.


The tubes are precision-welded together.

Iron-paste fillig

The hollows are filled with a special iron paste.

LC2 Armchair structure

The welded curved section is then carefully polished, by hand, before being dipped in three different galvanizing tanks, (copper, nickel and chromium)

Detail of the curve

This is the only way to achieve an outstanding chromium thickness of 35 microns.

The Chromium-Plating Process


This vital step precedes the actual chromium-plating process.

Depending on the level of care taken at the polishing stage can result in tremendous variations in the durability of the chromium-plating of the dipped steel tubes.


The highly skilled craftsmen at Steeldomus are allocated a generous amount of time to hand polish each tube.

Degreasing a frame

During the actual chromium-plating process, also called bright chromium-plating, the polished steel elements are degreased before being dipped in three different plating baths.


The chrome bath gives the steel its characteristic surface gloss.


The nickel bath helps the steel to withstand mechanical impact and abrasion.


The copper bath gives the steel a protective coat, which prevents corrosion.

The Chromium-Plating Process

Overall the steel tube is coated with a layer 35µ microns thick. Steeldomus chromium-plated products are of the highest quality level for industrial products.

The result

As a consequence of the care and attention that we put into the basic preparatory work, producing consistently high quality results, we offer a 2 year guarantee on all our chromium elements.

The leather

European cows

The hides we use are of European origin.

They come from animals that have not suffered any injury during the course of their lives, which means that there are no scars on the surface of the leather. This produces a wonderful leather structure that is entirely natural, so there is no need to use artificial embossing methods.

Salted hides

Using a traditional method which dates back many centuries, the first step in the leather processing that we at Steeldomus employ, is to salt the hides.

This age-old practice is used to prevent the hides from decomposing.

The tanning process

The hides are tanned slowly and without the addition of any aggressive solvents, resulting in a flexible, natural, soft feeling leather, which will resist the wearing of time.

Drum dying

The leather is then impregnated with the required amount of dye using a process known as “Drum-Dying”. This method ensures that the dye penetrates the full thickness of the leather so that it retains its colour for many years.


The importance of fully dyed leather becomes apparent during sewing. If the needle penetrates leather, which has only been dyed on the surface, small white dots will be left around the stitch, because the needle draws part of the non-dyed layer up to the surface when it is removed from the leather. This is not very aesthetically pleasing, particularly on brighter colours of leather. Dying the leather all the way through prevents this from happening.

Working the leather

Seamstress at work

Some of our seamstresses have over 30 years of experience. One of the best ways to appreciate their skill is to look at the perfect corners on a Barcelona armchair.

Cushion corner detail

The corners are the most difficult part of this job, particularly when the angles have to be as precise as this modern classic demands.

Barcelona armchair cushion

The back and seat cushions of this chair are made up of 32 leather squares which are separated from each other with piping.

Barcelona armchair

Creating the perfect piece requires a great deal of skill, expertise and time. This is why even the best seamstress at Steeldomus never makes more than two Barcelona armchairs per day.

The foam filling

LC2 foam-filling

We exclusively use "Olmo" foam stuffings we invite you to request the technical data. The LC2 cushion is a good exemple of the care we dedicate to our stuffings.

A - Fire-retardant cover

B - Dacron wool

C - Medium-density foam-filling

D - Lighter-density, wedge-shaped foam-filling

E - The filling is shaped to keep the cuscion in correct position.

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