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Original design

We supply supreme quality products crafted in the traditional italian way.

The only feature we do not supply is a stamp bearing the name of the designer, serial number and paper certificate of authenticity, however our prices are on average 2 thirds less.

Barcelona chair in a museum

The “authentic” originals are prototypes now found in museums. A limited number of which were produced in the 1920s and 1930s (Bauhaus Period). You might find these unique originals at prices you would expect to pay for a famous painting.

A Prototype of a Cantilever

Few of these models have anything in common with the pieces being produced and sold today. Several alternative designs were needed before an individual piece was ready for serial production and assimilation within a production system.

Barcelona Chair

Some of the prototypes are lacquered instead of chromium plated.

Barcelona Chair

Others are hand sewn with coarse stitching, padded out with horsehair, and visible irregularities were simply painted over.

German Pavilion - 1929

One particularly good example of this trend is the Barcelona Chair designed by Mies van der Rohe.

It was designed exclusively as a prestigious show-piece for the German national pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona World Exhibition.

Pavilion - 1929

Originally only two pieces were produced.

Since Mies explicitly opposed mass production of his furniture, each Barcelona Chair was individually fashioned in a highly complex and very costly process.

Photo from an old brochure

However, the overwhelming response and positive feedback prompted the subsequent decision to mass produce the Barcelona Chair after all.

Photo from an old brochure

As the design was prepared for series production a number of versions emerged with details that differed from the original chair.

Barcelona Chair detail

The corners of the frame were initially formed by simply joining together two steel struts at the corner with two screws. This was the first approach and also the simplest in technological terms.

Barcelona Chair detail

Subsequent designs for the corners of the backrest saw a gradual attempt to conceal the frame joint and it was moved from the corner to the horizontal bar of the backrest.

Barcelona Chair detail

Later the joint was even completely concealed under a butt leather strap.

Barcelona Chair detail

The Barcelona Chairs made today are based on the third version which is also closest to the inventor's design.

The frame joint is fully concealed by the leather strap on the backrest.

Barcelona Chair - Steeldomus

It can be plainly seen that the approach adopted by Steeldomus in assembling the chair is exactly as has just been described.

Anyone who tries to dismantle our Barcelona Chair will also discover that the frame joint incorporates a sophisticated serration which is connected by means of a hexagon socket countersunk head screw.

Chair - Steeldomus

This even more elegant method of joining proves substantially more stable than simply using two screws, especially in terms of structural strength, and is better for maintaining the tension of the frame.

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