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This seal

In accordance with article 24 of the European Customs Code (Reg EEC 2913/1992) states. Goods whose production involved more than one country shall be deemed to originate in the country where they underwent their last, substantial, economically justified processing or working in an undertaking e quipped for that purpose and resulting in the manufacture of a new product or representing an important stage of manufacture. Learn more Meaning that if an item has been manufactured 70% abroad and 30% in Italy (for example, in the case of an armchair 30% could correspond to the cost of Italian leather) such an item could be labeled as Made in Italy.

The Land

The reason why we say "more than made in Italy, Made in Tuscany".

People belonging to that area seemed to be happier than somewhere else. I believe that to be born in a place where a good wine is produced is of great luck. (Leonardo da Vinci)

And, we are allowed to believe that fortunate people who drink well and eat better, who live in a land rich with magnificent monuments work better and create finer objects.

That is why the most famous fashion houses, such as Gucci, Prada, Emilio Pucci, Coccinelle and many more are based in the Florence area.

The People

Some of whom have been working with us for over 20 years.

They know the meaning of excellence because of the monuments and paintings that surround them.

Ghirlandaio, Beato, Angelico, Rosso Fiorentino, Pontormo, and Brunelleschi, their gift to this land is something that cannot be ignored

They have learned the meaning of excellence through their ancestors. For centuries our craftsmen have satisfied the demands of the most affluent and educated clients: from Lorenzo il Magnifico and the Medici court to Leopoldo di Lorena and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany Court.

Because they know the meaning of excellence, they produce our products, which are distributed throughout the world, to clients who know the meaning of quality.

The Construction

They are precise, strong and accurate.

Constructed slowly and with care, common with the days when time was told through the sun.

The result being beautiful furniture, through which time can flow for decades, without leaving any visible trace.

The Detail

They are done by our craftpersons to satisfy who knows the meaning of quality.

We repeat people who have been born and raised in such a happy land will consequently live happier and work better.

And who knows - through this maybe they touch the soul of our "Genius Loci" - our generous God who watches over our land and in turn the lives of our craftsmen.

The tradition

They are the result of the age-old Tuscan tradition of making top-quality leather goods.

The historical reasons for the development of this craft here in Tuscany are twofold: the ready availability of animal hides and the rich supply of water in the Arno and Elsa valleys.

Thanks to the existing know-how and modern machinery this tradition has managed to keep developing.

Furthermore, farsighted political and economic decisions have recognized that Tuscan leather craftsmanshi p is a treasure to be cherished and developed.

For any questions, requests or suggestions please don't hesitate to call us at the number 0039 055 39 80 530 or use the "call me" form.

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