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LC2 Collection

LC2 Armchair by Le Corbusier

LC2 Armchair

Le Corbusier

LC2 Two Seater Sofa by Le Corbusier

LC2 Two Seater Sofa

Le Corbusier

LC2 Three Seater Sofa by Le Corbusier

LC2 Three Seater Sofa

Le Corbusier


The curve

The gentle curve of the structure and the pipe diameter are characteristics for the LC2 armchair and are produced faithfully to the original design.

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Frame detail lc2 armchair by Le Corbusier
welding detail lc2 armchair by Le Corbusier



Precision welds are perfectly polished and the frame guarantee maximum of stability and flexibility. Hand-polishing is a flattening finishing process done by our quality technical staff, preparing the frame for the chroming process.


The chroming process

The steel structures are carefully polished twice before being dipped in three different galvanizing tanks (copper, nickel and chromium) to achieve a chromium thickness of 35 microns and finally receive a perfect and precious finish.

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The leather

Only DANI leather manufacturer skins are processsed. DANI is one of the leading leather manufacturers in Italy and one of the few that fulfill and guarantee our high quality and expectations.

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Seat cushion LC2


The seat cushion

Armrest and back cushion frame the soft and comfortable seat cushion filled of polyurethane foam and fine DACRON wool.


The lower seat cushion

The lower cushion is composed of polyurethane foam by OLMO. Thanks to the authentic wedgeshaped foam-filling, the seat offers maximum comfort and the stability of the seat cushion is guaranteed.

Lower seat lc2 armchair
arm rest lc2 armchair


Back cushion and armrest

The filling, composed of polyurethane foam wrapped in Dacron wool by OLMO, ensures a bigger seating comfort and underlines the soft smooth design that characterizes the LC2 armchair.



Thanks to meticulous preparation of cutting templates, we guarantee work of highest quality sewing. The bending radius is tight and balanced. It is the exact execution of the curved section that, above all, represents the clarity and straight lines that are characteristic features of contemporary design.

we offer a 10 year guarantee on our furniture

Due to this high quality manufacturing process, we offer a 2 years guarantee on our furniture.

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